Sliding line of Gantry crane

Sliding line of Gantry crane

Product Name: Sliding line of Gantry crane

Product Advantages:

1, the conductor for oxygen-free copper, conductive good, pure quality, color is bright;

2, copper and plastic tightness and contact, not because of vibration and poor contact;

3, insulating body for pvc+ impact resistance, anti-ultraviolet, special formulations, good physical properties;

4, without connectors, pressure drop small;

5, less parts, electric rail for the card, easy installation, installation time can save 2/3;

6, the set electric arm long, with independent pull spring, the activity radian is big.

A conductor of the sliding line of a gantry crane, the main material is copper, electrical appliances are operating in the tube of a group of brush shell, by the placement in the power of the fork-driven mechanism, so that the synchronous operation with the electrical institutions, will pass through the rails, brush electrical energy to the motor or other control components. The pole number of the electric brush of the electric appliance has 3-16 poles corresponding to the pole number of the guide rail.

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