H-type sliding contact line

H-type sliding contact line

Make the choice to better play the role of the slide contact line. In general, the selection of the slip line from the work environment, environmental temperature, load, installation requirements, voltage drop requirements and other places to choose.

1, working environment: such as dust, corrosion, temperature and so on;

2, ambient temperature: The scene of the year high temperature, lower temperature;

3, load situation: Volts in the rate, the load of the rated power, power factor and the operation of the load;

4, installation Requirements: space size, installation methods (such as trench-type or overhead type, etc.), operating speed, etc.

5, Voltage drop requirements: Here refers to the sharing of the loss of voltage on the slide line;

6, other requirements: signal interference.

The above is to choose the right type of contact line model to consider all aspects, I hope our introduction can help.

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