Aluminum Alloy Safety Slip Line

Aluminum Alloy Safety Slip Line

Aluminum alloy safety slip line along the longitudinal direction of the slide line with ABS plastic as a whole protection, in addition to the lower openings and the contact point of the electrical conduction, therefore, the contact line after installation is not conductive exposed part of the installation and maintenance to bring great convenience, while the overall plastic shell protection (except for openings), so that the slip line does not have dust and rain, dew, ice, The function of snow invasion, the connection between the Guide rail and the guide rails is dedicated to the guide rail and plastic housing into the same, and its end is safe and reliable H-type single pole safe sliding contact line.

Aluminum alloy safety slip line is widely used in factories, mines, warehouses, stations, terminals of lifting machinery, such as electric hoist, Liang and bridge cranes, elevators, automated production lines and other mobile electrical equipment.

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