Multi-pole safe slip Line

Multi-pole safe slip Line

Multi-level safety slip line is composed of high-strength Engineering plastics insulated conduit or aluminum alloy protective shell, multistage conductive copper row, set electric and suspension, fixed and other components.

Multi-level safety slip line is widely used in factories, mines, warehouses, stations, terminals of lifting machinery, such as electric hoist, Liang and bridge cranes, elevators, automated production lines and other mobile electrical equipment.

Multi-level safe slide line main parts:

1. Lifting hanger: Used for fixing and keeping the slip-line conduit not deformed;

2, the joint sheath: used to protect the joint parts of the slip wire, improve the safety and reliability of the product.

3, set electrical appliances: Set electrical appliances, also known as the electrical appliances, slip-line current through the set of electrical conduction to electrical equipment, set of electrical installation in the collector bracket, and the set of electrical stent installed in the sports equipment. With the device moving, the collector on the carbon brush in the sliding wire movement, to achieve uninterrupted power supply. In order to facilitate the slip of the electric brush and reduce the brush wear, the brush root is inlaid with a 45-degree copper sleeve and the bearing is added in the Guide wheel to make the collector move flexibly and easily.

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