Qyh Single pole slip line

Qyh Single pole slip line

Product name £ qym single pole slip line

Qym single pole slip line is safe and reliable and excellent mechanical and electrical properties, easy to install and maintain.

Qym single pole slip line accessories: Product Construction: Rail, sheath, set of electrical appliances, hanging, connectors, fixtures, end caps and other components.

1, guide rails and sheath: The guide rail is made of aluminum alloy profile with good conductive performance and strong adaptability to environment. Wear-resistant, stable and good contact, the general guide rail to 6 meters., sheath by a toughness, wear resistance, anti-aging and flame-retardant properties of Engineering Plastics, the guide rail has a good insulation protection, to ensure personal safety;

2, set electrical appliances: set for the supporting structure, is the main component of power supply to mobile devices. Made up of special carbon brushes, terminals or terminals, plastic shields, supporting arms, etc.;

3, Connectors: Connector is the end of the guide between the connection between the plate and the bolt reliable connection, shell by Engineering Plastics as a protective cover, as well as the protection of electrical appliances, the port can be introduced into the power line, and connector plate and bolts fastening together;

4. Hanger, retainer and end cover: The Hanger is a special part for hoisting and fixing sliding-contact rail. The retainer is a device that limits the guide rail to the bracket, and guides it to the sides of the retainer when the guide rail is stretched by the temperature variation. The end cover is installed at both ends of the guideway to protect the insulation, and the hanger and end cover are made of engineering plastics;

5, Expansion section: Expansion section also known as telescopic, heat compensation devices, etc., by the connector plate, compensation power supply of aluminum plate or copper, lead and other components, Shell for Engineering plastics. When the guide rail is retractable due to temperature change, the gap is adjusted by the telescopic device to avoid deformation of the guideway. Generally in the workshop length of more than 200 meters, each additional 100 meters configured a group.

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