Single pole arc type slip line

Single pole arc type slip line

With the continuous progress of the technology of sliding contact line, some products with originality characteristics are born, among them, the characteristics of single pole arc type slip line are as follows:

1, the selection of corrosion-resistant, conductive performance of oxygen-free copper as a conductor, with the allowable current density and low impedance characteristics, the use of the aluminum alloy sliding contact line of the form of sliding contact to make the set of electrical and guide screen more reliable contact, stability is higher, because the size of the guide rails and aluminum guide, accessories can be interchangeable, Shows the versatility of the product. When the mobile device is satisfied, it can be used for the transmission bus of the fixed equipment or for the workshop bus.

2, most of the accessories can be used interchangeably with other sliding lines, thus saving a lot of cost and more convenient;

3, the use of advanced technology carefully developed, small size, light weight, easy disassembly, low price, easy maintenance and so on. If the user has special requirements can be designed and produced according to the requirements.

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