Single pole copper alloy slide line

Single pole copper alloy slide line

Single-pole copper alloy slide line is mainly used in dust, humidity and other environment, can be equipped with dust-proof sealing strip and hand protection. The single pole copper alloy slide line installs conveniently, the speed is fast, uses in the high current equipment, the current can reach thousands of, according to the different pole number carries on the 夬, the electric current also may reach thousand Ann.

Single-pole copper alloy slide lines can be measured according to the following criteria:

1, belongs to the consumable goods, the driving distance affects the equipment maintenance cycle;

2, applicable temperature, environment, etc.

3, mainly from the wheel service life, turning wheel design and whether the collection of electrical appliances to meet the use of various environments;

4, the length of more than 100 meters after the expansion of the problem should be considered;

5, according to a variety of copper bar length voltage drop is different.

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