What are the performance advantages of H-type lane?

What are the performance advantages of H-type lane?

At present, the use of H-type lane customers are more and more, understand the advantages of H-type Lane is more and more people, of course, there are not very familiar with the personnel, below we will briefly introduce the H-type lane performance advantages.

Advantages of one: H-type driving line conductive profile selection of aluminum profiles and copper profiles, conductive performance, and the outer conductor of PVC shell as a protection, to better protect the safety of shop workers.

Advantage Two: The H-type Lane starts to install relatively more complex, but when the contact line is installed, it is relatively fixed, therefore, the safety of the contact line occupies a low space, can be very good use of workshop space resources, compared to the cable line, H-type lane of the late application benefits are obvious.

Three advantages: H-Type Lane installation is more flexible, can be used outdoors, can also be applied indoors, can be installed horizontally on the ground, can also be side-mounted.

Advantage Four: Wide range of applications. H-Type Lane can be used in the field of crane power supply, automatic production line, amusement facilities, wharf, port, metallurgy, chemical, coking plant and many other fields, can adapt to various environments.

This article on the H-type lane performance advantages of a brief introduction, if there is insufficient, please forgive me.

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