Reason for the difference in driving lane price

Reason for the difference in driving lane price

The traffic lanes are mainly used in cranes and other mobile devices. Different enterprises have different quality standards for traffic lanes and require different product materials. Here's a brief introduction to the reasons for the difference in the price of traffic lanes.

1, the reasons for the material differences, different pipe materials, the procurement of raw materials of different prices, good material, long service life, the purchase price is high, if the use of poor quality materials, the price will be low, which also formed a driving Line price difference

2, the raw materials from the near and far factors, if the purchase of raw materials from a longer distance, the logistics costs than its needs, close to the raw materials of the lane companies, the high cost of production, which in fact, will virtually increase the trolley line pricing;

3. Factors of enterprise innovation: Enterprises optimize the design of traffic lane products to meet the environment of different occasions while continuously developing existing traffic lanes. As a result, the production cost of enterprises will increase, and the pricing of traffic lane will be increased.

In short, the market is now more transparent, many buyers are more familiar with the price of raw materials, as long as a simple calculation, you can calculate the cost of production line traffic, business profit margins now far less than before, different traffic demand units, according to different The use of the situation to buy.

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