Can the crane slip line run in corrosive environment

Can the crane slip line run in corrosive environment

Since mobile devices are used in different environments, the sliding line as a power supply device also needs to be continuously moved with the mobile device.

However, some mobile devices will work in a more extreme environment, if there is a certain corrosive environment, then the chemical fiber in this environment can still operate normally?

The ability to operate normally in corrosive environments depends mainly on the raw materials used in the sliding line. Generally speaking, if the shell of raw materials used more special, then the corrosive and high-temperature conditions will have a certain role. And in this respect is better done is the Henan province Qi Xiang Slippery Guide electrical co., Ltd. produced by the sliding line, its shell is the use of special plastic materials, so even in a certain corrosive environment can ensure that its normal operation of the power supply.

The slip line is a common type of power supply device, it is a very wide range of use, has been designed to construction, chemical and other fields, in general, in the bridge construction, chemical plants, such as the frequency of the local slip line is relatively high, but also can be said, as long as it is necessary to use the power supply can be applied to the sliding line.

With the use of the crane slip line compared with the traditional power supply mode, the use of the sliding line also increases the safety and reliability, so for the enterprise unit, the slip line is the ideal power supply equipment choice.

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