Multi-pole Seamless slip line

Multi-pole Seamless slip line

Multi-level seamless slip line Easy 99% oxygen-free copper transmission power supply, pressure drop small, electric conductivity times better. Can be based on the user's workshop length or user needs to match the same length of the safety of the electric rail, so that the entire workshop safe distribution center without any excuses, the real solution to the domestic slide due to the interface more often card main set of electrical appliances and caused short-circuit or can not run the problem.

Characteristics of multistage Seamless slip line:

1, the conductor for oxygen-free copper, conductive good, pure quality, color is bright;

2, Crane smooth operation, set the electrical walk without noise, not because of vibration and poor contact, to ensure good contact without fault;

3, insulating body for pvc+ impact resistance, anti-ultraviolet, special formulations, good physical properties;

4, without connectors, pressure drop small;

5, less parts, electric rail for the card, easy installation, installation time can save 2/3;

6, the set electric arm long, with independent pull spring, the activity radian is big;

7, in the installation, transport and the traditional multipolar tube-type sliding line, there is no damage, and reduce transport costs;

8, the price in the same section and tube-type slip-line compared to cheaper.

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