Non-seam slip line

Non-seam slip line

  Non-seam slip lineAdvanced product technology, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, is the lifting industry system ideal replacement products, extensive absorption of scientific and technological purification, forge ahead, according to user requirements of special design and manufacture.


1, the line conductor for oxygen-free copper, good conductivity, pure quality, color is bright;

2, the slip line without joint, pressure drop small;

3, slippery copper and plastic contact, not because of vibration and bad contact;

4, sliding line insulation pvc+ impact resistance, UV resistance, special formulations, good physical properties;

5, less parts, electric rail for card entry, easy installation, reliable installation time to save 2/3;

6, the collector arm is long, with independent pull spring, the activity radian is big.

Seamless Slip Line Advantages:

1, safe, stable, no interface, small size, easy installation, economic;

2, with no joint installation, easy to save time, small space;

3, the use of special materials manufacturing, smooth running, fast, low noise;

4, the installation of bending radius is small, small bending radius of 750mm.

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