Single pole safe slip contact Line

Single pole safe slip contact Line

Product Name: Single-pole safe sliding contact line

Product Features:

1, safe and reliable, even with finger contact there is no danger of electric shock, in line with the standard;

2, energy-saving: The use of special formula aluminum alloy profiles as conductors, small resistance, can greatly reduce the loss of electricity;

3, the sliding contact line can be three-dimensional space movement, to meet the power supply equipment uninterruptible power supply, the use of dual insulation design, work more secure and reliable;

4, new materials, technology, and technology to ensure that the product has a higher corrosion resistance, weatherability and function in the use of temperature, Gangzu oh performance more secure and reliable;

5, the use of combination design, easy to install and daily maintenance, especially suitable for high-altitude work;

6, sliding contact line lifting hanger, sliding contact line three-hole retention frame, lifting rack wholesale, good quality retention frame.

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